Thursday, January 25, 2007

Why do women love to shop!!

I am sure all the men in the world are always trying to find a logical answer to this question! Well, the answer might change from one person to another but for me shopping or 'retail therapy' as I would like to call it (makes me feel less guilty!) is a way of driving away the blues, uplifting my mood when I am depressed or just a way to kill time when I am bored to death and have nothing better to do! Shoppers can be broadly categorized into two categories - the thinking ones, those who think, compare, analyze and then spend their hard-earned money, and the second type are the impulsive buyers who set out to do just window shopping but end up buying almost everything on display in the window! To be honest, being an impulsive buyer is lot more fun! You always surprise yourself with the kind of things that can catch your attention and the fact that you actually spend money on them! Most of the clothes I wear or the accessories I have are all results of such compulsive shopping trips.

So for all you shoppers out there, go out and feel the fresh air while you feast your eyes on all those lovely items on display and dont feel too bad if it makes your wallet a bit lighter while doing this coz after all, it lightens your mood as well!!


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